Effect of SAHAJAYOGA MEDITATION on RAINFALL in drought prone district

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Effect (positive) of SAHAJAYOGA MEDITATION on RAINFALL in drought prone district of AHMEDNAGAR MAHARASHTRA INDIA..

We are glad to inform you that by grace of Shri Mataji we have successfully conducted another(2nd) environmental study effect of Sahajayoga meditation on RAINFALL

Ahmednagar is one of the biggest and drought prone district in Central Maharashtra with 14 tehsil the average rainfall is 488mm in monsoon season (June-September)

A dedicated team was initiated from Mumbai Navi Mumbai and Ahmednagar for study purpose.

Training was given to Volunteers to Conduct study..
Teams were allotted different tehsils.
Study was done from may 2022 September 2022.
80 volunteers were divided into 5 groups prachar Prasar was done at school colleges AshramShala police station, villages etc.

Important activity of vibrating clouds, Wells water reservoirs and plantation of vibrated seeds and plants was done

DDMO )District Disaster Management Officer) of Ahmednagar guided us for data sourcing and collection..

Data was collected from MAHAVED (Maharashtra Vedshala and skymet)
IMD Mumbai,
IMD Delhi and jalsandharan vibhag government of Maharashtra..

This year Ahmednagar district had 128.9% Rainfall, i.e, + 28.9% (till Sep2022) is now +35.1%(till mid October) more rainfall then average..

13tehsils out of 14 got above average rainfall.
Highest Akola Tehsil(+81%)..
Lowest Jamkhed tehsil (-16%)

Ahmednagar Rainfall average(Jun-Sep2022) is even best among surrounding districts of Aurangabad,(+13.8%) Beed,(+12.6%) Osmanabad(+10%), Solapur,,(+9.6%) Pune(+20.7%) and Thane(+8.2%) except for Nashik(+29.4%) which is nearly same..

MULA DAM was full with 100% water capacity after 10 years..

Nilwande Dam,
Bhandara Dam and Musalwadi Lake were nearly 100% full in month of August 2022 itself.

By Grace of Shri Mataji,
A Research Article will be published soon on this topic in International Research Journal..

It seems the Divine has pipeline the next project(3rd Study)
DDMO of PALGHAR has invited Sahajayoga to work on RUMBLING SOUNDS occuring under the earth in JAWAHAR Taluka of PALGHAR district..

Already teams have started working in this area.

Thanks & Regards.

Dr Sanjay Takpere
(Sahajayoga Environmental study).

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