Experiments conducted at 10 National Research Centres (ICAR)

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Sahaj Agriculture – Experiments conducted at 10 National Research Centres (ICAR)

On being presentation of Sahaj Krishi work by a team of National trust in Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi on 20th May 2015, the DG, ICAR, New Delhi kindly granted permission for conducting Sahaj Krishi Experiments for validation at 10 National Research Centres (NRC) spread over 3 states viz. Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh (Telangana).Results of Interim Report on Sahaj Krishi Experiments (IRSKE, 2016) submitted by ICAR is summarised below.

Research Centres involved in Research on Sahaja Agriculture

Accordingly, with initial discussions with the Directors, NRC at all the centres the Sahaja Krishi experiments were laid down and commenced in Kharif 2015 / rabi seasons of 2015. The experiments were conducted as indicated below:

No.Name of NRCCrop on which experiment conducted
1NRC, G, Manjari, Pune, MSGrapes
2NRC OG, Rajgurnagar, Pune, MSOnion & Garlic (Rabi)
3NRC P, Solapur, MSPomegranete
4IIR, R, Rajendrnagar, Hyderabad, AP (T)Rice (Kharif)
5IIOR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, AP (T)Castor & Sunflower (Kharif)
6IIMR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, AP (T)Sorghum (Kharif)
7CAZRI, Jodhpur, RajasthanMoong (Kharif), Til, Fruit crops
8National Seed spices Research Centre, AjmerWill start in Feb 2016
9Mustard & Rape seed Research Station, BharatpurMustard (Rabi 2015)
10Central Institute of Arid Horticulture, BikanerLucerne, Oat
Fig. Meeting on Sahaja Agriculture with Scientists of IIRR, IIOR,IIMR (ICAR)

Common methodology

At all the NRCs of ICAR, it was decided that the type of experiments, experimental layout, crop, date of sowing/planting, agronomic operations, irrigation schedule, crop protection schedule, lab trials etc will be planned by the scientists I/C nominated by the respective directors. For both experimental (Vibrated) and Control (Non-Vibrated) plots everything will be uniformly done except vibrating the seeds/planting material etc. The vibrating procedure be done openly in the presence of scientists/technicians by a group of Sahaja Yogis from the nearby area. Similarly, while recording observations, a representative each from scientist’s side and Sahaja Yoga side will be present. The above protocol was mostly observed at almost all NRCs.

Table. Research trials on Sahaj Agriculture at 10 National Research Centres

Sr. No. Trials on Kharif crops at the following NRCs (2015)Trials on Rabi crops at the following NRCs
1NRC P, Solapur, MSNRC, G, Manjari, Pune, MS  
2IIRR, Rajendrnagar, Hyderabad, AP/TNRC OG, Rajgurnagar, Pune, MS  
3IIOR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, AP/TNSSR, Ajmer, Rajasthan  
4IIMR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, AP/TMRSR, Bharatpur, Rajasthan  
5CAZRI, Jodhpur, RajasthanCIAH, Bikaner, Rajasthan  

Results of Sahaja Agriculture at NRCs, ICAR

The observations on effect of vibration on various parameters such as germination, root growth, plant vigour, plant height, no. of leaves, seedling weights (wet & dry), leaf size, disease resistance etc were recorded from time to time. Similarly, photos were also snapped at various stages of experiments.  Although, some crops in these trials are long duration crops, such as grapes, pomegranate, their initial observations have been recorded. Some short duration crops such as Moong, Til, Mustard were harvested and their yield data compiled.

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