Scientific studies on Sahaj Agriculture – Trials on Animals

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Scientific studies on Sahaj Agriculture Trials on animals

After having had great success with the experiment on vibrated water and its effect on different sorts of plants, Dr. Hamid Mylany, Vienna, Austria,  felt encouraged to start a new experiment with vibrated water, this time to research its effect on animals. After all, the plant, animal and human kingdoms are made up from the same elements to begin with, originating all from the Mother Earth.

To implement this idea, he made a test with a group of pigs to study the effect of vibrated water on the animals weight-increase. For this experiment he chose a farm in Austria for pig-breeding and pig-fattening. Three litters, crossbreeds of Edelpig-sows and a Pietran-boar and all born within one week, were observed during their fattening period. Each litter was kept in a 3,6 sqm stall. Each stall had a fully automatic feeding- and drinking system.

He fed all the animals upto 20 kg with 25% Soya: 31% barley, 30% corn and 14% vitamins and minerals. After they reached a weight of 20 kg we changed the fodder to 213 corn mash and 113 mixture of 87% Soya, 4% vitamins and minerals and 4% fish meal. After the pigs reached a weight of 30 kg they were put into bigger stalls. The automatic drinking-system suppllied to one of the stalls vibrated water, the other two stalls were supplied with normal drinking water.        

The test group of pigs being supplied with vibrated water showed about 15% weight gain as compared to the other two control groups.  From this result, it was clear that vibrated water has a very positive influence on the weight gain of animals.

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