Sahaj Agriculture Research Trials – RARS LAAM Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

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RARS LAAM Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Experiment was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Adinarayana Sr.Scientist, Pulses RARS, LAAM Farm, Guntur, A.P.

a. Results of vibrated Black Gram: LBG-752

  1. Variety: LBG-752
  2. Date of Sowing: 12-12-2014
  3. Plot Size: 6 mt x 6 mt.
  4. Pods Per Plant Vibrated: 22 Pods, non-vibrated Plant:16 Pods.
  5. Total Yield 0.510 Kgs in vibrated a non-vibrated 0.245 kgs from 36
  6. Vibrated plants are very healthy and having broad leaves, more chlorophyll content, strong root and uniform growth compare to the non-vibrated plants.

b. Results of  vibrated black Gram: LBG-623

  1. Variety: LBG-623
  2. Date of Sowing: 17-7-2014
  3. Plot Size: 6 mt x 6mt.
  4. Observation: LBG-623 is susceptible to Yellow Mosaic Virus but in Vibrated Plot up to 50 days, there was no virus attack.
  5. Uniform growth, healthy plants, good root growth and Bright Green leaves.

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