Concept of Sahaj Agriculture

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Concept of Sahaj Agriculture

Shri Mataji experimented with sunflowers in her farmhouse in Pune, in the late 1980’s, and produced tremendously big ones, 50-100% bigger than normal size. This was also reported in the newspaper. The photo shows Shri Mataji with outsize sunflowers.

Fig. Shree Mataji showing the results of divine vibrations on sunflowers

As every Sahaja Yogi knows, as the vibrations flow through our body, the body temperature cools down.  If they have the same effect on water then this means that automatically the temperature of water comes down.  This means that cool water, as is well known, has more capacity to dissolve air oxygen than warm water.  This extra oxygen at the root of the plants enables better plant growth. Every atom spins at a certain speed and within a certain distance from each other.  Every atom in water molecules are spinning at a certain speed and with a certain distance between them. 

Our interpretation is that the vibrations do nothing else but: – (a) change the speed (b) bring the atoms nearer to each other.  This means that the water can stay at the same angle i.e. 1050 and 28´ but through the nearing of Hydrogen atoms to Oxygen make a big negative field in Oxygen, which in turn gives water the capacity to dissolve insoluble elements and also the capacity to dissolve e.g. NH4 or other N-containing elements.  This is the reason vibrations give plants a nice green colour. 

We know from every sort of experiment that the plants which use too much nitrogen become dark green.  For the scientifically hard-minded researchers, our interpretation would certainly need further verification; however, for us the most important question is not what changes in the water, but how we can use this wonder water to solve our problems.

The vibrated water also has shown changes in the molecular structure and change in bondage of hydrogen and oxygen, by which more absorption of what is possible by water. Vibrated water doesn’t get spoiled when stored for a very long time, like several months. When this vibrated water is provided to plants, it gives additional effect on plants and animals, if applied along with the direct Vibrations. Vibrated plants remain greener, more vital and show significant lead in their growth over the non-vibrated plants, as researched by Lyudmila Tkachenko, Dr. of Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine [4] and Dr. Hamid Mehrani-Mylany, Austria.  The synopsis of whole text related to Vibrated Water is published in proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Moral, Health, peace: East-West”, St. Petersburg, 19-20 September 1995, page 119 (Novgorod, Publishing Center of Economics College).


Sahaja Yoga offers a simple and easy solution.  The teachings of SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI, make it possible not only to deal with the living process, and not only to solve the problems of the developed countries, but also offers a great opportunity to solve the problems of the third world.  The vibrations are a living thing, as SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI explains, “They think and act”.  The action of vibrations can be compared with a magnetic field with iron.  Just as iron atoms react to magnetic fields, the earth, water, fauna and flora, including human beings react to the vibrations flowing from SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI. Scientifically it can be proven that vibrations radiate from Shri Mataji herself and from Her photograph. 

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