Sahaj Krishi Success Stories from Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand is also called “Devabhumi” (Land of the Gods)!

The effect of Sahaja Yoga Divine Vibrations were seen in pure milk production by Smt. Kiran Singh (Sahaji). The milk was recorded as the best quality at the Women’s Bhogpur Milk Production Center located in village Bhogpur district Haridwar.

Increased Milk production achieved:

Milk production increased as cattle got healthier by consuming vibrated fodder and water! The buffaloes initially giving 5 liters of milk increased to 12 liters!

Poplar trees are famous plantations in Uttarakhand. In 700 poplar trees, a stem of 2.5 feet thickness was found in just 4 years of treatment with vibrated water whereas in other fields, the same thickness was observed after 5 years (without vibrated water).

The wheat crop yielded twice as much yield by using vibratednwater and seeds. Increased production was also observed sugarcane and paddy .

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